Ford Scholars/Ford Opportunity/Ford ReStart Program –Special Recommendation Form

The Ford Scholars Program is for graduating high school seniors or community college transfer students. The Ford Opportunity Program is for single parents who are "head of household." The Ford ReStart Program is for adults, age 25 or older, who want to begin or return to full-time postsecondary education. All three programs are for applicants with financial need planning to attend an eligible institution. See for more details.

Applicants for these scholarships must have at least a 3.00 minimum cumulative GPA or 700 GED (2650 prior to 2014) or have a Special Recommendation form completed by an academic advisor, counselor or teacher as part of their OSAC application.

If you meet the minimum GPA/GED requirement, you do NOT need to provide a Special Recommendation form.

If you do NOT meet the minimum GPA/GED requirement, please follow the directions below to request a Special Recommendation form:

  • Ask one person who is familiar with your plans and abilities (academic advisor, counselor or teacher) if he/she will complete the online Special Recommendation form and obtain his/her full name & e-mail address. Let your recommender know to expect an automated e-mail from OSAC with instructions on how to complete the form online. To prevent e-mail failures, encourage your recommender to add OSAC to their "safe senders" list.
  • As part of the OSAC application, apply for the Ford Scholars, Ford Opportunity or Ford ReStart Program.
  • Below the "Overview" about the scholarship, there is a section for "Documents." If you do not meet the minimum GPA/GED requirements, click the "Send Request" button on the right side of the "Recommendation" area. The button will be grayed out if the GPA/GED listed in your high school history (for graduating high school seniors) or college history (for college students) meets the minimum requirements.
  • Enter your recommender’s name and e-mail address and click "Continue." An e-mail will automatically be sent to your recommender with instructions on how to complete the online Special Recommendation form.
  • Confirm with your recommender that he/she received the e-mail.
  • View the submission status of your Special Recommendation form by clicking the "Edit" button next to your Ford Family Scholarship and clicking the "Send Request" button. You should see your recommender’s name and the status of your form. Before the March 1 deadline, you may send a reminder or change your recommender’s information if the form has not yet been completed.
  • You will receive an email once the recommender has completed the form.
  • Making sure that your recommender has submitted the online recommendation by the deadline is your responsibility. Late recommendations will not be included with your application. Consequently, your application will not be considered for the Ford Scholars, Ford Opportunity or Ford ReStart Scholarship if you do not meet the minimum GPA requirement and do not have a Special Recommendation form.

Log in to your application and verify that your application is complete and that you have fulfilled all requirements for each scholarship for which you have applied. Submit your final application online no later than March 1* at 5:00pm (PST).

*In the event that a scholarship application deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will automatically be extended to 5:00pm PST of the following business day.

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